Trade Union WOOD FORESTS WATER (TU WFW) has undergone complicated development since its inception. At the inaugural extraordinary congress in January 1990 were firstly determined the new tasks that have been brought by political and economic changes in our society. The ordinary congress in 1992 in Považská Bystrica were elected new authorities and congress ensured that there will be working for trade union sections for each area.

Until the year 1992, the TU WFW was under the central committee of the employees of the woodworking, forestry and water management (CCTU) in Prague. At the first congress in 1992, TU WTW became an independent trade union in Slovakia and CCTU was cancelled.

In the years 1990 - 2016 were the presidents of OZ DLV Mr. Borislav Majtán (1990 - 2008) and Mr. Zdenek Dlugoš (2008 - 2016).

The VII. congress of TU WFW was held on 22. - 24. of September 2016. For the president of the TU WFW was elected JUDr. Vlasta Szabová, PhD.