Without trade unions ...

  • It is not possible to control compliance with labor law, wage regulations and health and safety at work
  • It is not possible to conclude a collective agreement
  • The employer himself decides on the wage classification, the working order, termination of the employment relationship, layout of working time, flexible working time, scope and conditions of overtime, holiday plans, mass holiday vacation, etc.


What benefits do the trade unions bring?

  • Protection against violations of my rights
  • Up-to-date information on issues affecting the status and interests of trade unionists and employees
  • Free representation before a court
  • Legal advice in industrial relations
  • Support in the event of a difficult financial and social situation
  • Union education

How to trade unions?

The law of the Slovak Republic creates the conditions for the activities of the basic trade union organizations directly in the workplaces. This right is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Slovak Republic in Art. 37. When joining a job, contact the head of the trade union. If a base organization is not based in the workplace, information can be obtained from professional trade unions, which will provide you organizational and methodological support for basic trade union organizations and the emergence of new basic trade union organizations.