Every activity performed by working people, is associated with the occurrence of unexpected events, which can result in temporary or permanent harm. The reason is that people during different activities performed in different conditions - climate, physical, chemical and biological, use various tools, equipment, machinery and chemicals and may be affected by various psycho-social factors like risk of accidents, illnesses, occupational diseases, or other harm. To eliminate the possibility of these adverse situations with focus on the working environment and working conditions, is necessary to create conditions that ensure the safety and health at work, work hygiene and working environment. The main objective of created conditions is to protect and preserve the health and working capacity of employee and because it there is necessary to take measures required by applicable law which regulates the area of health and safety at work.  The area of health and safety at work is an essential part of the organization of work for each employer. OSH is related to the employer same as to the employee.

According to the Constitution of the Slovak Republic every employee is entitled to protection and safety at work and every employer is obliged to fulfil this law and to protect its employees.

The duty of employers is to ensure the safety and health at work, adopt and implement effective measures in the area of prevention, but also in addressing the consequences of an adverse situation in the health and safety at work, provide the means to protect employees, including the creation of to manage the safety of its employees work. On the other hand - also employees have a duty to take care for their safety and health and also for the safety and health of persons who can be directly affected during performance of their work.

Properly and according to law set processes in safety and health at work area are the first prerequisite and guarantee for such status of working conditions that eliminate the possibility of dangerous and harmful factors of working process or environment impact on employees. At the same time these processes protect employers from sanctions by the supervisory authorities.

In this context, it is very important to have a sufficient overview in area of the current legislation related to the safety and health at work, with a focus on rights and obligations set out for employers to eliminate risks and factors underlying the occurrence of occupational accidents, occupational diseases and other harm in relation to the performance of work with goal to avoid adverse situations and eventually sanctions by the labour inspectorate, as well as in relation to the rights and obligations of employees.

We are interested in increasing of the awareness level of Trade Unionists WOOD, FORESTS, WATER by publishing information on the web-site ozdlv.sk. We want to focus on rights and obligations set by current law in the area of safety and health at work, on warnings about most common deficiencies that were identified during performance of control activities by republic trade union health and safety inspector, or by other inspection authorities and on providing practical examples and tutorials about how to implement various provisions of the legislation in practice. Our main goal is to help eliminate the risks and factors determining the occurrence of occupational accidents, occupational diseases and other health damages from work and so help to protect the health and lives of employees.

Safe work and safety at work, good working conditions and satisfaction of employees have a direct impact to labor productivity growth and quality of work, help to strengthen the work ethic and increase of employees‘ creativity. These attributes are the basis of prosperity and competitiveness of each employer.