The future of workers decide today!

TU WFW represents workers across the whole of Slovakia and provides them with socio-legal protection of their interests. We are an insurance company for employees. Our mission is to protect the rights of citizens to a more decent life in this state and to help solve and overcome the problems that may arise in their work. Conscious of the dynamics of the world in the 21st century, we approach to our mission innovating. Therefore, TU WFW provide the most up-to-date benefits and information for their members. At the same time, it provides the highest standard of labor-law counseling and preparation of collective bargaining. In the TU WFW you will become a strong partner, which will help you and your family in good but also in difficult times. Only together we can protect decent working conditions for workers.  

The right to conclude collective agreements
belongs exclusively to unions!

OSH is workers' right
and employers‘ obligation!

Quality jobs for young people
in Slovakia - the way forward!


We bring you daily the latest news from the world of trade unions, safety and health at work and we also provide to our members an overview of the current benefits and discounts provided by our partners.